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State Secretary to European Affairs: main tasks

10 settembre 2016Parole chiave:
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Sandro Gozi was appointed as State Secretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on 28th February 2014 and designated for the European Policies by the Prime Minister on 8th April 2014.

Appointment (link to italian page)

In filling his duties, the State Secretary avails himself of the Department for European Policies.

Main tasks:

  • He promotes and coordinates the implementation of EU policies in Italy, the Italian participation in the building process of the EU law and the harmonization of the national legislation with  EU rules;
  • He convenes and chairs the Inter-ministerial Committee for European Affairs (CIAE) that gathers national and regional administrations and social partners in order to define the national position to be held in the negotiations with the EU. The position is then forwarded to EU authorities, in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation;
  • He represents the Government at the meetings of the EU Council, General Affairs and Competitiveness configurations;
  • According to Law No 234 of the 24th December, 2014 (on the Italian participation in the EU legislation system and policies), he takes part in the Parliament activities related to EU matters; prepares and submits the bills of legislative acts of implementation of the EU legislation and the annual Reports to the Parliament;
  • He cooperates with the Ministry for Economy and Finance on the preparation of the National Reform Programme;
  • He chairs the Italian Anti-fraud Committee (COLAF); together with the Minister for Regional Affairs, he convenes and co-chairs the European session of the State/Regions Conference and, together with the Minister of Home Affairs, convenes and co-chairs the special session of the State/Cities Conference; he coordinates at national level the activities deriving from the decisions of the European regulatory agencies; he also advances the Italian candidatures for the EU institutions, committees, bodies and agencies;
  • Together with the responsible Ministries, he assesses the lodging of appeals against the decisions of the EU Court of Justice in order to safeguard national interests; he also assesses possible interventions into ongoing proceedings. He informs the Parliament about the EU ongoing legislative processes and related initiatives taken by the Government; he also encourages public administrations to comply with EU obligations, prevents disputes and promotes respect of the decisions of the European Court of Justice;
  • Together with Italian and European administrations, bodies, institutions and social partners, he widely promotes information on the introduction of EU measures into the Italian legal system and on the initiatives aimed at strengthening awareness about EU citizenship; he also provides training on EU-related issues to public and private actors, both at national level and towards candidate countries.

In relation to EU matters, the State Secretary establishes agreements between the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and other administrations, designates the representatives of  the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to European and Italian administrations and institutions; organizes study and working groups and advisory committees; facilitates the use of EU structural and direct funds by public administrations and bodies, as well as by the private sector.

In 2014 (from July to December), he coordinated the activities related to the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union,  together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Dipartimento Politiche Europee

Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

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