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26 giugno 2017Parole chiave:
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This page, constantly updated, contains a chronological list of scheduled initiatives, projects and events in view of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome (25 March 2017).

In the page Initiatives you can find the events already held.

Italian version:
Version française: Calendrier des initiatives

Each colour marks the institution, administration or body that promotes the initiative

  Italian government 
        Other Italian and European institutions 
  Other Agencies and  Associations
  Associated partners


 7 "Towards new frontiers: the transformation of frontiers within a renewed international system". Turin (University of Turin - Department of cultures, politics and society). On the occasion of the second international congress of the international network on Frontiere Comparate, on July 7th the round table "The other face of the West: crises and prospects of the European experience" will be held. It will be dedicated to the American perception of the European experience, regarded as a virtuous model of  integration. (University of Turin – Department of cultures, politics and society)



Erasmus Day - Florence. Series of information and awareness-raising meetings dedicated to young people, to be held in the framework of "Didacta", the world's most important Fair of Education. (Erasmus+ National Agency INDIRE – Erasmus Student Network – Department for European Policies)

Dipartimento Politiche Europee

Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

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