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29 marzo 2017Parole chiave:
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This page, constantly updated, contains a chronological list of scheduled initiatives, projects and events in view of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome (25 March 2017).

In the page Initiatives you can find the events already held.

Italian version:
Version française: Calendrier des initiatives

Each colour marks the institution, administration or body that promotes the initiative

  Italian government 
        Other Italian and European institutions 
  Other Agencies and  Associations
  Associated partners


March 2017    

"Back to Citizens" - Rome (Luiss University Guido Carli). Debate on the future of the European Union. (European Parliament)


"Back to Citizens" - Rome (Campidoglio, Sala Orazi e Curiazi). Presentation of the video of the Museum of History of the European Union and simulation by 250 young people of the Strasbourg plenary session with the participation of European institutions and the Secretary General of the EU Parliament, Klaus Well. (European Parliament)



April 2017    

"To the roots of a new European Humanism" - Valmontone (Rome). Project dedicated to secondary schools as a contribution of the local public administration to the emergence of a new generation of European citizens. Special award ceremony scheduled in the City of Valmontone. (Municipality of Valmontone)


"A model to dream" - Rome (Corviale, Campo dei Miracoli). Initiative aimed at giving visibility to success stories that can become a model for young people experiencing difficulties. (National Youth Agency)


"Du Grand Tour à Erasmus: l'Europe au bout du voyage?" - Florence (Villa Salviati). The objective of the conference is European integration analyzed and discussed through the theme of travel. (European Union Historical Archives)


"60 years of Europe and 10 years of ERC: research as a support to the European Union unification process – towards a science diplomacy" - Rome. Event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Treaties and the 10th anniversary of the European Research Council. (National Research Council)


"60 years of the Treaties of Rome: assessing the past, imagining the future" - Bologna (Bologna University).  International conference on the most challenging issues for European integration and the role that Italy can play in this process. (Bologna University)

 7 Sounds of Europe - In collaboration with the Fiesole Music School Orchestra, the European University Institute organizes a series of concerts in Florence with music from all Member States. The next concert is taking place on 7st April at the British Institute (European University Institute – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation)

"60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome: still an opportunity?" - Trani (Historical Library of the Lawyers' Association) Lectio magistralis by Ugo Villani in the framework of lifelong-training for lawyers in the field of international law. (Unione italiana forense – Bar Associations' Union) 


"The Common Agricultural Policy: Agriculture as a major connecting factor for Europe - from the Rome Treaties to the doorstep of reform" - Verona. Conference with the participation of Minister of Agriculture Martina, European Commissioner Hogan, Ministers of Agriculture from EU Member States and local authorities. (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies)

27 Conference - Rome (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation). The event aims at highlighting Europe's solidarity dimension, giving voice and visibility to what the EU has achieved in recent decades in the field of development assistance. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) Working language :EN



European Youth Week - Rome. Initiatives culminating in the presentation of the ‘Solidarity Corps', a new EU programme promoting young people's social integration and active participation. (National Youth Agency) 


Conference 'The State of the Union' - Florence. High-level conference aiming at providing food for thought on the present and future of Europe, with the support of the Historical Archives of the European Union. (European University Institute – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) 


Panel on the Single Market - Florence. In the framework of  the conference "The State of the Union", a panel is dedicated to Single Market issues: direct contribution of citizens, consumers and entrepreneurs who tell how their lives have changed thanks to borders' removal; considerations about the state of play of the single market integration process. (Department for European Policies) 


Festival of Europe: Erasmus 30 years - Florence. Event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme. (Erasmus+ National Agency INDIRE – Department for European Policies – Ministry of Education, University and Research – City of Florence)


Event and award ceremony "New Generation EP". Simulation of a Plenary session of the European Parliament on a text amending the Treaties by Italian students. Schools are required to draw up a draft resolution with amendments and to ensure active participation in the negotiations for compromise, speeches in Parliament and vote in the presence of MEPs, representatives of the Italian government and journalists. (European Parliament – Department for European Policies)


Ventotene Europe Festival "Building European citizens" - Ventotene. Opening of the exhibition "Italy in Europe – Europe in Italy" during the festival gathering young people from EU Member States with the aim of giving birth to a new "Manifesto for Europe" inspired by the Ventotene Manifesto. (Department for European Policies – La Nuova Europa Association)  




Summer School "Europe and migrants" - Ventotene. Initiative aiming at steering debate on solidarity and integration among peoples. (Per l'Europa di Ventotene Onlus)


Cerealia, the fair of grain. Ceres and the Mediterranean - Rome. The seventh edition of the event is dedicated to the Small States of Europe and the 60 years of the Treaties. The guiding theme of this edition is "arts, professions, identities and cultures. (Music Theatre International Association)


"The third mission of University in Europe. For a new integral human development" - Rome. Symposium open to teachers of all Universities of Rome. (Ministry of Education, University and Research – Vicariate of Rome)




Erasmus Day - Florence. Series of information and awareness-raising meetings dedicated to young people, to be held in the framework of "Didacta", the world's most important Fair of Education. (Erasmus+ National Agency INDIRE – Erasmus Student Network – Department for European Policies)

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