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The educational project Europe=Us is promoted by the Office of the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic - Department of European Politics.

The objective of the initiative is to inform and raise awareness among primary and secondary school teachers and students of every class and level about the history, values and institutions of the European Union, through a wide range of didactic instruments and the innovative digital platform available to those teaching Europe=Us.

The innovative digital platform Europe=Us

A source of continuous information, exclusively for teachers, which enables members to download free of charge all the materials destined for schools.

The Europe=Us platform, beyond acting as a mean of diffusion of its contents, also serves as a continuously expanding network of expert teachers, combining knowledge with organisational and planning skills.

Available instruments

1. Living Book “Europe=Us” destined for primary schools (7-10 years old)
2. Open Mind “Europe=Us” destined for secondary schools, level I (11-14 years old)
3. Open Mind “At European School” destined for secondary schools, level II (15 -18 years old)
4. Trivia destined for primary and secondary schools (from 7 to 18 years old)
5. Tutorial destined for school teachers
6. Web Seminar destined for classroom use
7. Practical guide to the LLP programmes destined for the directors of the educational institutions

Europe=Us: presentation [.pdf - 715 Kbyte]
Proposal for adoption of the platform and instruments [.pdf - 306 Kbyte]

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